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The number one question I am asked when I tell people I’m a psychic therapist is how that differs from being a psychic reader.

My answer is Psychic Therapists have education behind them. The Psychic Therapist knows there gifted abilities, and has studied their craft extensively.


I can help guide you successfully towards a positive and  fulfilling path. I specialize and advise my clients in all aspects of life. Starting from the past to your present and unfolding your future, including; Love, Relationships, Marriage, Family, Career, Life Direction.

My psychic counseling sessions help you increase self love and confidence, and offer strategies to help you achieve your positive goals, creates mindfulness through meditation to build fulfilling relationships for emotional and intellectual well-being.


At one point I outlined over 300 different topics under the psychic/ paranormal/ metaphysical/ spirituality/ parapsychology energy healing Studies.


The biggest difference between a Psychic Therapist and a Psychic Reader is that the Psychic Therapist has read books, written essays, taken courses, Psychic Therapists have skills that Psychic Readers have not honed. 

Psychic Therapists have practiced their skills, they know where their talents are.

  • Psychic Therapy 98% 98%
  • Counseling 98% 98%
  • Personal Healing 97% 97%
  • Meditation 97% 97%

What people are saying


She was amazing! So on point and revealed so much to me. Truly touched my heart and learned what I need to take care of myself. I am so grateful for seeing her. Blessed!

Alexandra Damato


Ziva, you are an amazing good Divine spiritual being. You are gifted and your heart is beautiful! My reading was wonderful and incredibly informative. It has set a positive trajectory and motion forward for me to proceed with assured confidence. Thank you so much?

Carmela Walker


Excellent experience. Completely satisfied. Had two different readings with other psychics none compared to this one. Ziva was clear when translating the cards.. took her time listening and explaining. I brought my boyfriend with me and will definitely come back for a deeper session. Recommended! ?

Liz Encarnacion


Wow. Tarot reading + psychic reading skills are really impressive. Described my personality, life situation 100% right. On top of everything her energy is very positive and powerful.

Ksenia Zhukova

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