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By purchasing any service, product, or supplies, you AGREE with and fully accept our conditions and terms of service. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase any service provided. Please be certain of your decision to purchase services before services are rendered. All sales are final and NON-REFUNDABLE.

Payments/deposits made through any other format for any spiritual work or guidance is NON-REFUNDABLE 24 hours after the payment/deposit is completed.

We take our spiritual work very seriously with full dedication to helping you achieve your goals . However , we are not responsible or liable for any outcome you may not experience. By receiving any service, you agree to take full responsibility for your own choices, your own actions, your own life and any outcome you may or may not experience. Any advise you may obtain that you act upon is solely of your own free will,thus your, and solely your responsibility alone, and not that of Psychic Ziva in any degree. Although we strive to to provide the highest quality of service available to you, we offer absolutely no promise or guarantees of the outcome you may or may not experience.

We reserve the right to deny/end service to any person(s) at our discretion at anytime . We are not responsible or liable in cases where you may have an incorrect info. You are expected to double check your entries for accuracy. No flaming or inappropriate behavior is permitted!

At PsychicTherapist.net, we want you to enjoy and benefit from our services, Psychic Ziva makes every effort to provide you with helpful advise. However this information should not be used in in place of any recommendations by medical , legal or financial professionals. It is your responsibility to evaluate any information opinion, advise or content available through Psychic Readings by Ziva.

Service Cancellation & Client Notice

Psychic Ziva at PsychicTherapist.net has the right to refuse or cancel to anyone at anytime for any reason at her discretion , without providing any refunds. This policy and term is NON-NEGOTIABLE. So please consider this policy agreement BEFORE acquiring any type of service, products or consulting sessions offered by Psychic Ziva once you make a purchase to Psychic Ziva for any service, products,or supplies YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND , even if you if your service is CANCELLED by her.

Here are some examples of when Psychic Ziva may cancel or refuse a client service These are some examples, but they are not limited as to other reasons why a service may be cancelled. Psychic Ziva has the authority to cancel your service at anytime for any reason she feels necessary.

1. A Client that lacks faith in the process of Psychic Ziva’s Spiritual Work or Guidance . A client that is always questioning or showing doubt, or just being very difficult and not accepting of the information or process of her spiritual work .When clients become difficult to work with any non- cooperative their service will be canceled immediately.

2. Being rude, aggressive and showing harassing behaviors by being demanding nagging and/or constantly trying to contact Psychic Ziva and being disruptive. This means calling , emailing, texting or stalking on a frequent basis, even when told not to. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated and termination of client’s service would be immediate.

3. A client that has written slanderous/libelous and negative comments, or threatens to make bad reports about Psychic Ziva of PsychicTherapist.net to any type of media, radio, print newspaper, magazine, TV Show, legal authorities, online websites, forums, etc. will have their service cancelled. We do not take such client’s actions lightly, when someone tries to libel and/or slander our good name and reputation. When a client threatens or has done these kinds of acts, they hold themselves automatically responsible to be pursued in the court of law for any and all damages of upwards of $50,000 or more, per incident of libel and/or slander. In other words, Psychic Ziva will take legal action to the FULLEST EXTENT on anyone who writes negative reports, and they will be held liable for any and all damages and legal fees therein.

4. Not providing payment for services rendered. When a client makes an agreement that they will fulfill payments/installments, but fails to do so, we will cancel their service. We expect to be paid for services, and if a client does not pay for what was agreed upon, their service will be cancelled, If a client has made only a partial payment on services and their service gets cancelled, they will not be eligible for a refund whatsoever.

5. If a client chooses to lose contact with Psychic Ziva, or doesn’t respond back in a timely fashion, Psychic Ziva will close a client’s case for lack of communication. Psychic Ziva cannot keep a client’s case open, without a client keeping in contact. Otherwise, we assume client has abandoned the case, and we will have no choice but to close their case. Once a client’s case has been closed for this reason, it cannot be reopened. No refunds will be provided, if a client decides to contact us back after their case has already been closed.


PsychicTherapist.net offers psychic services in a discreet and professional manner. We do not duplicate, publish, sell, or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone in anyway. However, all calls, emails, text messages, voicemail, or any form of communication made to Psychic Ziva of PsychicTherapist.net, will be monitored and/or recorded for quality control purposes.

PLEASE READ: Psychic Ziva & Associates work is serious, and we will be honest with you; Results May Vary by Individual. Spiritual healing & consulting is NOT an exact science. but a spiritual matter and a progressive process.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this site is for information purposes only, is subjective and may not apply to your specific situation. Psychic Ziva does not offer any guarantees or guarantees on any services provided. Psychic Ziva does not offer any refunds. ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS AFTER PURCHASE.

FOR ANY REASON. By purchasing any services, products,or supplies from Psychic Ziva you automatically agree to these Terms of Use.

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